City Interiors - Ready for Investment

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City Interiors
Royal Albert Dock, Newham Dockside
E16 2QU
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We were approached by City Interiors who had undertaken a project to prepare 2 listed buildings opposite London City Airport for the market. The original plan was for the buildings to be turned into a restaurant and the other a gentleman's club. More recently the plan has become to turn the area into a financial district for the Asian markets. In either case the buildings had become run down, clearly needing a great deal of work, and so they wanted to smarten them up to make the site look more attractive to investors.

City Interiors Panorama of Buildings

The Requirement

In all, there were 215 windows and doors which needed boarding over. They wanted to stay away from plain boards which would make the building unattractive and obvious that it wasn't in good condition. Plus this would provide additional security. We worked with City Interiors to complete a design that provided an attractive alternative to having plain boards.

Manufacture & Installation

We needed to produce 320 dibond boards with the effect of a window or door printed directly onto it. This would give the illusion of a more finished building and be more appealing to investors. Each board needed to be printed, laminated and routed and then labelled up by building, elevation and ground level to make it easier for our installers on site to put the right board on the right window or door.

In order to manufacture them all within the required time, we had Mike working a night shift to complete them so that we were able to run machines for 24 hours for 5 days, with Andrew doing the day shift.

3 of our installers went down to install the boards and we needed to ensure that it was done within a week before the scaffolding was due to come down. They managed to do it in just 4.5 days. The installation involved using jig saws on site to go round some of the details or the windows such as archways and they needed to work around painters who were painting the outside of the building at the same time.

The customer is very happy with the quality of the boards and installation and aims to have the buildings ready for the market, at a total cost of around £70k, shortly.